For hammock

Discover all our supports to go with your Jobek hammock!

In Scandinavian spruce or Siberian larch, we offer a wide choice of sturdy, elegant wooden stands to enjoy your hammock. 

For smaller spaces, we also offer metal supports for a more industrial look.

Prefer to hang your hammock from two trees? Then our Rope Pro mounting kit is just the thing!

The choice is yours!


  • €29.00 - €349.00


How do I choose my hammock support?

You've finally decided to buy a hammock to relax in your garden, but you don't have any trees or poles to support your equipment? Jobek has the perfect solution: the hammock stand.

Choosing a wooden hammock stand or a metal hammock stand means you can choose where you want to relax, and change it as often as you like. The first criterion to consider when choosing a hammock stand is the size of the canvas. However, if you haven't yet decided on a particular model, Jobek offers a whole range of hammocks with wooden or metal supports.

All the hammock supports offered in our online store meet strict standards in terms of strength, design and choice of materials. From stainless steel for long-lasting outdoor use, to special wood protected against the risk of weathering, to hammock stands in a variety of styles and designs, Jobek hammock supports hold your canvas securely in place and make it easy to transport to any corner of your garden. Whether you want to take a nap on your lawn in the shade of your trees, or sunbathe in your hammock on your terrace, Jobek hammock supports can be used on all types of surface.