Hammocks with wooden bars

Hammocks with wooden poles provide a good hold and excellent stability, making them extremely comfortable. You'll find different sizes of wooden bars (78.5 cm, 118 cm or 140 cm), all FSC® 100% certified.


  • €69.00 - €145.00

Canvas material

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Why choose a hammock with wooden bars?

Whereas the traditional hammock simply consists of a canvas suspended between two hanging points, the hammock with wooden bars features two stabilizing bars at each end of the canvas. These wooden bars hold the canvas open, keeping the hammock in place and adding a decorative touch to your garden. Jobek has thought of everything to add stability to its hammocks! The wooden bars of our hammocks are shorter than the fabric, making them easier to install and more comfortable for the occupant. If you've chosen a hammock with wooden bars, all you have to do is select the color and size of your hammock on Jobek.fr.

How to install a wooden hammock?

There are several ways to install a Jobek hammock! You can fasten your hammock between two tree trunks, ideally spaced 4 to 7 meters apart, using our Rope Pro fastening kit, or you can opt to buy a wooden or metal support to hang your hammock from (please refer to our support guide to check the compatibility of each support). This will give your hammock a certain mobility, allowing you to enjoy it in the sun or in the shade of a tree.