Classic chairs

Do you enjoy relaxing in a seated position to the rhythmic swaying of a Chaise Hamac? Then the TranKil Hammock Chair range is for you!

Stable, comfortable and modern, it can be suspended from a ceiling or hung on one of our chair supports, and is equally suited to indoor and outdoor use.


  • €74.00 - €75.00


The classic hammock chair, a must-have for your relaxation!

Sitting hammock, hanging armchair, hammock chair - whatever you call it, it's all about enjoying a moment of relaxation curled up in a cozy seat, whether indoors or out.

Why choose the classic Jobek hammock chair?

The hammock chair is a real gem for anyone looking for comfort, style and relaxation. This equipment offers a unique sensation of lightness and well-being, combining the comfort of a chair with the pleasure of a hammock. With its innovative design, the classic hammock chair fits perfectly into any living space and can be used to relax, read a book or simply rest. Our Jobek hammock chairs are made from high-quality materials, and are durable, hard-wearing and easy to maintain: an ideal choice for people looking to add a touch of originality and comfort to their living space.

Where to install your classic hammock chair?

The hammock chair can be installed in a variety of locations, depending on your preferences and the space available. At the bottom of your garden, in the heart of your veranda or in your bedroom, study or living room, classic hammock chairs can be hung from a sturdy tree branch, a beam or under a ceiling. They can also be hung from a metal hammock chair stand offered by Jobek, giving you the freedom to move it as you please. Before installing your hammock chair, take the time to consult the recommendations provided by Jobek at the time of purchase, as well as the technical specifications of your equipment, including the maximum weight it can support.