Metal Hammocks set

Want to bring industrial style to your garden? Choose a hammock set with a metal stand! Lightweight and available in two different hammock sizes, take your pick!


  • €149.00 - €180.00

Canvas material

Number of places


What are the advantages of a metal hammock?

It's not always easy to find two trees perfectly aligned and at the right distance to hang a hammock. To solve this problem, Jobek offers you a wide choice of hammocks on metal supports, which are more compact than wooden frames and therefore easier to integrate, even in small spaces. Popular for its sturdiness and resistance to weather conditions, you can set up your metal hammock by your pool to enjoy the sun, at the bottom of your garden in the shade of your outdoor vegetation for a restful, comfortable siesta, or on your terrace for a moment of peaceful idleness. The lightness of our metal hammocks means you can move them anywhere in your garden. In fact, you won't need to do much maintenance on your metal support - just clean it with clear water or soap (avoid harsh products).

How to choose a metal hammock for your garden?

Our metal hammock sets enable you to select the equipment that best suits your tastes and will fit in ideally with your outdoor décor. With a selection of colored and plain, striped or fringed hammock covers, you can choose your metal hammock set. The size of the hammock canvas, the weight supported by your hammock, the lightness of the set and the ease of assembly - everything has been thought out to adapt to all morphologies and allow everyone to enjoy a wellness equipment in their garden. Jobek's metal set is resolutely modern, offering you a more convivial and surprising means of relaxation than traditional deckchairs and loungers.