Hammocks without bar

For more intimacy and solitary relaxation, hammocks without wooden bars are perfect. Choose, order and snuggle up inside as if in a real cocoon.


  • €69.00 - €75.00


What are the advantages of a hammock without a wooden bar?

You're hesitating between a hammock with or without a wooden bar, both of which you find very attractive and comfortable! The hammock without wooden bars is easier to transport, as it's lighter and takes up less space. It's easy to slip your hammock without wooden bars into a washing machine for easier maintenance. For a more authentic and traditional use, in the image of the countries where the hammock originated, a hammock without wooden bars remains the most typical. The quality of its Jobekcord canvas, made in Brazil, enhances the feeling of comfort, and the absence of a wooden bar isolates you from the outside world, making it difficult to do without this cocoon for your moments of serene relaxation.

How to choose a hammock without a wooden bar?

Does the idea of relaxing at the bottom of your garden or taking a summer siesta in the shade of your trees appeal to you? Forget sunbeds, chilis, swings or garden chairs, even suspended ones, and opt for the hammock without wooden bars! Jobek's traditional hammock without wooden bars comes in a range of colors and styles to suit all preferences and sensibilities in terms of decoration and outdoor design. From the colorful woodless hammock for a summery feel, to the plain canvas woodless hammock for a cocooning style and a more hushed atmosphere in your garden or, why not, in a large lounge or under a patio, Jobek offers a wide range of styles and colors, leaving you spoilt for choice.