Whether fleecy or classic, sober or colorful, whatever your taste or the style of your outdoor décor, the hammock chair has the advantage of taking up less space than a traditional hammock, while offering optimum comfort and relaxation. More comfortable than a garden armchair and less cumbersome than conventional hammocks, the hammock chair has everything to please and offers a distinctive, original design for your outdoors and indoors.


  • €74.00 - €1,299.00

Canvas material

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How to choose your hammock chair?

The hammock chair is the perfect solution for replacing your classic garden chair with an original piece of equipment. It's important, however, to choose the right model and color to match your interior design or garden style. Depending on how you intend to use your hanging chair, you'll need to take into account its dimensions and the hanging system best suited to the environment. Whether you want to create a cocooning reading corner in a relaxation area, install a hanging chair in your conservatory or veranda, or equip your terrace with a hammock chair with support, you'll have plenty of good reasons to choose this product! Jobekcord fleece or canvas, standard size for a comfortable seat or XXL size for a semi-recumbent position, whatever your preference, Jobek offers a range of hammock chair models to suit every taste. Also discover the NIDO Royal in anthracite-gray macramé and ecru fleece cushions for greater comfort, incomparable design and distinctive craftsmanship. Jobek offers a wide range of variations to suit all sensibilities!

Which mounting for my hammock chair?

Whatever you choose to hang your hammock chair on, make sure it's sturdy enough to support the weight of the equipment and the person you're planning to sit on it. You can opt for mobility by choosing a metal support that allows you to move your hammock chair as you please. Or you can choose to hang your chair from a beam or ceiling, provided the latter is suitable and strong enough. However, a hammock chair support is still the easiest solution, allowing you to move your equipment to follow the sun's movements, to place yourself in a shady spot to relax, or to isolate yourself for a moment of peace and quiet.