Padded chairs

Relaxing in a semi-recumbent position for reading or resting is now possible thanks to our range of Konfort hammock chairs. Fully padded, they'll make you feel like you're on cloud nine.

Mobile on a stand or ceiling-mounted, they're just as at home in your garden as they are in your home.

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  • €154.00 - €1,299.00

Canvas material


The fleece hammock chair, the comfort solution from Jobek!

Have you always wanted a deckchair in your garden, but lacked the space? Would you like to nestle into a comfortable armchair to nap, read or relax? Jobek offers a range of fleece hammock chairs that combine design, comfort and originality.

What does fleece add to your hammock chair?

Choosing a fleece hammock chair means allowing yourself the unique sensation of sitting in a suspended armchair and feeling as if you're in a cotton bosky bower where you can relax. You'll feel as if you're weightless in a cocooning, unparalleled piece of equipment that guarantees you moments of relaxation and rest that are more than relaxing. Whether you're lulled to sleep by the rocking motion of your cushioned hammock chair in a comfortable reading corner, or enjoying a sunbath in the depths of your garden, this hammock chair will make you feel as if you're on cloud nine, bringing you perfect fulfillment.

Why choose the Jobek hanging fleece chair?

Are your deckchairs taking up too much space on your terrace? Are you looking to create a relaxation area in a corner of your living room? Whatever your reason for seeking the comfort of a fleece hammock chair, Jobek has the answer with its Konfort range, or with the incomparable well-being offered by the macramé Nido Royal, handcrafted in Brazil.