In spruce, larch or metal, to be fixed to a tree or a beam, or to be moved wherever you like in your garden, JOBEK offers you a wide choice of supports and fixings for your hammocks and chairs.


  • €29.00 - €349.00


How do you hang your hammock or hammock chair on a terrace?

To hang your hammock or hammock chair in your garden, the first solution is to fix it to trees or beams using our adapted fixing kits. If you don't have large, sturdy trees or a grove at the bottom of your garden, you can opt for a hammock or hammock chair support that will enable you to enjoy optimum comfort in the location of your choice. With a hammock stand, you can move your hammock to the shade or the sun, or even transport it to the comfort of your living room, veranda or pergola.

Which support to choose for your hammock?

Whether you prefer the modernity of steel or the elegance of wood, Jobek will meet your needs with its wide choice of supports and fixing kits. Our metal hammock supports and hammock and hammock chair fixing kits are 100% European, and some models even feature an adjustment feature for greater canvas compatibility. As for wooden hammock supports; larch or spruce, FSC® Mixed or 100% certified; all come from forests committed to the sustainable management of natural resources. Whatever the model or material of your hammock stand, Jobek guarantees perfect weather resistance and ease of maintenance.