Choosing a hammock set means getting a turnkey product. There's no need to worry about accounting, or having the trees at the right distance; you can place your hammock set wherever you like, in the shade or in the sun. Wooden or metal, the choice is yours.


  • €149.00 - €319.00

Canvas material

Number of places


The Hammock Set, comfort for everyone, anywhere!

It's not always easy to find enough space in the garden to stretch out a hammock between two trees! It can also be very comfortable to be able to move your hammock to follow the sun or, on the contrary, take advantage of a cooler shaded area. Jobek offers you a turnkey solution with our selection of hammock sets. Whether you choose a wooden or metal hammock set, you'll benefit from an all-inclusive mobile hammock set that can be installed on your terrace, under the trees in your garden or by your pool.

Why choose the Jobek hammock set?

In addition to the high quality of the materials used, both for the supports and for the canvas, by opting for our complete hammock sets, you benefit from a ready-to-use support and hammock set in a vast choice of styles and colors. There's no need to worry about the compatibility of your hammock and hammock stand - we've got you covered! Your hammock set comes complete with the canvas of your choice, the hammock support (wood or metal), assembly instructions and everything you need to secure and adjust the hammock. Our hammock sets, and in particular the canvases that make them up, are available in different versions and colors to blend harmoniously with your furnishings and decor and satisfy your aesthetic preferences. Combine this with a two-year warranty and fast, free shipping to mainland France, and you've got everything you need to choose your hammock set from Jobek!