Back pain :

When we are lying in a hammock, the canvas plays an important role. It is the canvas that will fit your body, maintain it and help distribute the weight in the hammock. It is therefore beneficial to the neck and back. It is thus it which will relieve us from back pain.

Sleep :

The Hammock, similar to a small "cocoon" suspended in the air would help us sleep. Indeed, when we are in a hammock, this one carries out light oscillations similar to a rocking. These movements then lead to a sleep which will be deeper and more restorative. This sleep will not only allow the mind to rest but also to recharge. The hammock is therefore one of the objects that reduce insomnia.

Balance :

In Brazil, newborns are placed in hammocks from birth. The hammock is a good way for the baby to develop. It is particularly often used for premature babies to help them gain weight quickly.

For both adults and children, the hammock also stimulates their sense of balance.

Concentration & Memorization :

The movements made by the hammock are also at the origin of a stimulation of our cerebral cortex.

Once stimulated, this one provokes a more intense level of memorization and concentration.

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